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Party Line VR


Mission Control


This is a game all about chaos and confusion as people are constantly shouting out commands and frantically searching for the right buttons to press! This game was highly influenced by the popular mobile game SpaceTeam, but has a completely different feel in VR.


Perspective Detective


Up to 8-players hide around a top-down perspective town, disguised as robots. On their phones they have a virtual joystick to move around the environment and a button to hack the surveillance bots roaming around town. Their goal is to blend in with these surveillance bots and to destroy as many of them possible without getting caught. The person in VR is tasked with the job of finding these delinquents and to throw them out of town (literally!). 


Guessing Gallery


In this game one person is tasked with being the artist of the group. His goal is to get at least 1 person to guess the prompt given to him. As each word are guessed however, the artist will have less time to complete his next art work. 



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