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Mission Control

 Shout commands to survive the depths of space!

  • VR- Pull levers, push buttons, toggle switches, and turn dials to complete the given tasks you are given.
  • Smart Device- Yell commands and complete tasks in order to keep your captain safe.


Perspective Detective

 Giant Hide and Seek!

  • VR-Investigate who is stealing the town's money and throw them out of town (Literally)
  • Smart Device-Steal as much money as you can without getting caught.


Guessing Gallery

 3D-Drawing and Guessing Game!

  • VR- Rush to create as many beautiful art pieces before time runs out.
  • Smart Device- Guess the word your friend is drawing before others do


Shootin Showdown

 Robot bandits are trying to take over!

  • VR- Use your trusty blaster to shoot down the horde of bandits.
  • Smart Device- Punch your way through town to keep your sheriff safe.

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